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Invest in Us Stocks from India

Inviting India to invest in US Equities.

SIC Global App helps you to open a dollar-based brokerage account and gain access to the US Stock market from India.

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Government issued photo identification and Proof of address

e.g. Driver’s License or State ID with current address OR Passport & utility bill, phone bill, credit card statement Open An Account
Investment Products: Not a Deposit • Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency • May Lose Value. U.S Securities are offered through DriveWealth, LLC • Member FINRA / SIPC

US Stocks Now Available in India

Download SIC Global App today and show the market what you're made of.

(#As per RBI LRS scheme, which permits each Indian an amount upto $250000 per year)

31,922.44 (-447.60 -1.38%)
31,922.44 (-447.60 -1.38%)
22,349.59 (-9.64 -0.04%)
6,426.92 (4.23 0.07%)
27,880.53 (-229.80 -0.82%)
20,296.45 (-51.03 -0.25%)
7,310.64 (46.74 0.64%)
3,352.53 (-5.28 -0.16%)