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Invest in Us Stocks from India

U.S. Equities in Your Hands with the SIC Global App

Investing has been reimagined. With the SIC GLOBAL App, Powered by DriveWealth’s brokerage capabilities, you can buy fractions of company shares, enabling you to invest on your own terms.


DOLLAR-BASED INVESTING Now when you invest in a company, you can pay by the dollar. This means the amount of money you invest isn’t determined by a company’s share price, so you can spend exactly as much as you want.

FRACTIONAL SHARES Fractional shares let you have the ability to invest small amounts over time. This reduces your average cost over time when building your diversified portfolio. With SIC you don’t have to spend a fortune to build one!

SAFE AND SECUREBrokerage services are through DriveWealth LLC., member of FINRA and SIPC. DriveWealth uses advanced encryption technology to protect your personal information.

BUY THE STOCK EASY WAY StockDriveWealth’s technology simplifies the process of investing. Easily add securities to your cart and checkout in a single transaction when you’re ready.

STAY AHEAD WITH NEWS Stay current, whenever you are. With high-quality stock market news from Benzinga, you can use market data and recent news to track stocks.

BUILD YOUR WATCHLIST The watchlist makes it easy to keep an eye on the companies you care about. When the time is right, instantly buy or add them to your basket.



Transferring funds is simple. Just link your bank account with the SIC GLOBAL app and get easy access to your money whenever you need it.


Accounts are fully encrypted, so you can be sure that your funds and personal information are safe and secure.

US Stocks Now Available in India

Download SIC Global App today and show the market what you're made of.

(#As per RBI LRS scheme, which permits each Indian an amount upto $250000 per year)

31,922.44 (-447.60 -1.38%)
31,922.44 (-447.60 -1.38%)
22,349.59 (-9.64 -0.04%)
6,426.92 (4.23 0.07%)
27,880.53 (-229.80 -0.82%)
20,296.45 (-51.03 -0.25%)
7,310.64 (46.74 0.64%)
3,352.53 (-5.28 -0.16%)